1. The Fallen

From the recording The Fallen

After all these years, I have come to realize that I, as well as others close to me, have experienced a bit more loss than most I know, especially at a young age. After so many tragic deaths of family and friends, at age 19 I had written, "The Fallen", in memory of them. When I play this song, I think of my Grandpa Kirby, who was the glue that held our family together before he had passed. A WWII vet, who knew what life was about and wasn't afraid to speak his mind or tell you how it is. I think of my cousin Amber, who I was so close to growing up and had passed away in a fatal car accident. My cousins Josh, and Tobie, who's lives were also so short lived. My dear theater teacher, Mrs. Essex, who touched more lives than I can count. Todd, my brothers best friend who I desperately tried to win over his friendship, always trying to be just as cool as the "older guys". My grandma and grandpa Error. Two amazing souls who were just about as genuine as you can get. My great grandma McQueen who was blessed to have great great grandchildren by the age of 85. And so many more. They all inspired me and I miss them dearly. 

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