1. Tears of Glory

From the recording Tears of Glory

I wrote Tears of Glory when I was 20 years old in anticipation for my first album release. I had been selling pianos for a local company in Salt Lake City. They had temporarily located me at the Provo Town Center Mall to sell pianos for the holiday season. Out of all the places that a young me would want to be, this was it! Let's just say that, while I loved selling and playing pianos, I loved flirting with all the young women that passed me by even more! It's obvious where my priorities were. I remember sitting at the piano in the middle of the mall and had come up with this tune that I just couldn't get out of my head. People seemed to enjoy hearing it. They'd always ask me who the artist was and where they could get the CD (you know, when CD's were still cool!). So, I decided I'd make this my theme song for my next album. The name comes from my pride in the transitions that I had gone through the last several years of my life. I had done a lot on my own and was proud that I had started to build a life around the piano. I may not have been well known, but I was finding the vehicle to my future. 

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