From the recording Soaring the Clouds

Looking back, I realize just how much of a hopeless romantic I was. Souring the Clouds was written for an old childhood neighbor of mine. Aubrey and I lived pretty close and also went to school together. When we were 14, we had a short lived romance episode.  One day she had showed me a really cool chord that I found difficult to get my hands around - literally. It was G#59. For some reason it just spoke to me. I ended up writing Soaring the Clouds based off this chord. I'm not sure if I told her then that I had written it for her, but quite some time later I did spill the beans. Aubrey is an amazing person with more grit and determination than most I know. She's a great friend to this day and I'm grateful for the inspiration she's added to my life. Thanks, Aubrey!

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