After a couple of years, I had decided to add onto this piece. The original version of "The Sound of His Insanity" was very dark and heavy. However, "insanity", to me, has moments of happiness and joy that when taken away, will result in that insanity. I had completed this piece while in a relationship that had brought me a lot of joy (and of course, some unhappiness when it ended). I wanted to depict that "roller coaster" in this version. I believe that experience taught me something important. Sir Isaac Newton once said "What goes up, must come down". I believe that we can live by this in our lives. It is safe to say that happiness is followed by pain and sorrow, and vice versa. Not to say that we should expect that things wont ever last, but to me, it is important that we realize that they often don't. Learning this has helped me cope with the unexpected tragedies that I know life will bring to me. The end of the piece reverts back to the beginning of how it started, with a little more emphasis on the dark and heavy. 

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