From the recording The Sound of His Insanity

I love film - especially epic ones that depict people in history who influenced our world. "Immortal Beloved", by Bernard Rose, is is one of my favorite films of all time. Beethoven, played by Gary Oldman is getting to the point in his life where his realities are setting in. According to the film and from what I've learned of him, I think they portrayed his discontentment towards these realities very well. During the film, Beethoven is trying to convince someone of the power of music. He is telling a small story about a man trying to get to his loved one, but is unable to do so because his carriage is stuck in the mud. He says "this is the sound of his agitation", and later says that this feeling can be captured by a composer and the listener has no choice but to be hypnotized by the composers intent. Later on in the movie, another character is reading Beethoven's music, and explains to another "This is the sound of his insanity". Those quotes hit the nail on the head for me. With the loss of my job as well as some frustrating moments with a girl I had been chasing; as well as the questioning of who the genuine people in my life were - I just had to get those feelings out. Sometimes, you feel that you just can't take anymore. It is these moments that change us either for better or worse. I wrote "The Sound of His Insanity" to portray this feeling. To me, insanity is the constant feeling of wanting something that you simply cannot have, and the inability to move on from it. It is all of the emotions combined followed by the obsession of the need to get rid of those feelings; but in return, the obsession to want to hold onto them. Confusing? Welcome to "insanity"!This is one of my favorites to play. 
"It is the capacity of our love that is capable of sending our minds into the depths of hell".

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