1. Sincere

From the recording Sincere

This piece is important to me. It was the first thing I had written in almost a year, and inspiration to compose music was very scarce. In 2010, I had moved back to Salt Lake City to take a position in a piano store which ended up being short lived. After the loss of my relationship, illness knocking on my front door, and the inability to find motivation to even wake up in the morning, I knew that it was time for a change: I needed to move back to Spokane. And so, in 2011, a few days after Christmas, my father helped me move back and I started a new life with no job, no money, and a desire to sell and tune pianos out of my home. I also enrolled in college, which was a complete blessing, yet an extremely difficult transition. Although I didn't have any overwhelming feelings that this was what I was supposed to do, it was the only thing that made sense for my life. To some degree, you could say that it was like throwing a dart on a map and hoping that the destination was where I was supposed to go."Sincere" was written after meeting someone that helped me find some perspective in my new found world. Deven, a great person, and someone that I consider a friend, was able to help me find my passions for life again. I can tell you, that when those passions have disappeared, life is a very grim thought. I'm happy to say that thanks to her, I re-found myself. My inspiration to write music is now back, as well as my desire to focus on it and make the piano a constant part of my life. I named this piece "Sincere", because to me, it is the trials and tribulations in our lives that truly humble us. And when we overcome those obstacles, we become sincere in the way we live our lives. It is a reality that I will try my hardest to never lose sight of. This one is for Deven."It is often that after the fall of your foundation, hope is the only entity that remains. This hope is what brings us sincerity."

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