From the recording No Moment to Spare

"No Moment to Spare" was what I would like to call "forced inspiration". Film producer, Aaron Warr, had contacted me asking if I would release licensing rights to "Kamillya's Theme" to be placed in his film project "College Debts". He had also asked if I could write two more piano pieces specifically for the film. I was more than happy to oblige. The music needed to be finished by a particular date, and with my wonderful talents of procrastination, I just couldn't come up with anything. So, I forced myself to sit down at the piano and create something that I thought would be worthy of his depiction of the film. And so, after a couple days of nothing but sitting at the piano writing music, the title came to me fairly easy. This piece is important to me. It was the first time I realized that sometimes you can't just wait for inspiration to come, you have to create it yourself. I'd like to think that this goes along the same lines of that old saying "work hard and luck will follow". I couldn't agree more.

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