1. Masie's Star

From the recording Masie's Star

Masie Rae, was a child that brought an unexpected joy to my life. It is children like her that help us really put things into perspective. There are many variations of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Nonetheless, it was important for me to make my own.Masie is the daughter of a former girl friend and, like many children, sang it often. I've always loved being around children. They bring a simple happiness that helps me realize how precious life really is. I'll never forget Masie and what she did for me as a human being. She helped me realize the more important realities in life. Miss you Masie!Fixed in a world newToday begins timeSwallow shards of pastLongful nursery rhymeCranking strings of steelFingertips to keysAttempt to learn the poor boyWho's heart could never freezeSave to memory a GemFor sparkle it no moreHolds it in his pocketFate knows not its store

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