1. Into the Abyss

From the recording Into the Abyss

As with everyone, there becomes a time in ones life where the world is crashing down and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Of course, the struggle becomes even more difficult when you do try to stop it. Followed by a break-up, just a couple days afterwards, I had found out that I would be losing my job. The economy had tanked the piano business and it was not a good time for many. With those two events back to back, I knew I was in for it. Unfortunately, the storm was just beginning. About a week later, I had needed to see the doctor for some chronic throat infections that would not go away. As a vocalist, these throat infections pretty much destroyed my voice. They had been going on for a couple of years and the doctors didn't know what was causing it. We tried everything. Of course, just days afterwards, I had visited another specialist for yet another issue that proved to be an illness that I'd rather not go into detail about. Nonetheless, my world was crashing before me and I had no way of processing all that was going on. I felt that I was going through it all alone and no one to tell. It was the darkest my life has ever been. When you go through something alone like that, you learn that in this world, you are truly the only one responsible for your happiness. I'm not sure there was any other way to learn this lesson, but it was the most difficult one I've had to learn so far. While trying to find motivation to fix the things that I had control over, all I could think about was the loss of my previous relationship as well as the child that was involved. I didn't care that I was sick, and quite frankly, I really didn't care to continue on. "Into the Abyss" is my story of these moments. It was the only way I could express what I was really feeling inside, and I hope that you can hear it through the notes. I'm happy to say that I'm healthy again for the most part. The throat infections are gone, and as of now, the other illness is as well. It hasn't been easy, but I can say that after a couple of years, I've started to see the light at the end of the tunnel after trying to dig my way out of the state of hopelessness and depression that I believe hits all of us at some point in our lives. Light hath passed away. Exist it will only in memory. He who hath entered does so unwillingly. Voice echoes the Void:"The Widow's venom brought you here, boy. Now you will dance!"The Void, unbearable. Emotion, paralyzing his limbs ambition to stride. "To hide is forbidden. You will seek me!" Darkness surrounds rivers of fiery holocausts. Heat scorches skin as the boy digs his fox hole for the ages to come. Voice echoes the Void: "Life or death, boy?""Tis Life I choose!", he cries. "Then face it or continue the cowardly grave you dig. Seek me or reside for eternity!"Now rushing the black inferno. Whips of fire break the flesh. Dashing, into the nothing. The Widows venom rallies its strength to rape his will. Desires breath is robbed from exhaustion. The boy , pursuing the Void's echo..."Where are you!?""I am within, boy"Insanity attempts its permanent residency. A mirrored mask appears within the white flame. The boy observes his disbelief... "You!?" "Yes".... His synonym revealed."Forever hath passed, boy. The Widow's venom brought you here. You have danced... now Live" 

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