Performed by: Lucas Kirby
Written by: Lucas Kirby


Some times, at least for me, a project can last an eternity and never reach completion. I had been writing this piece for my girlfriend at the time, and during that process we had broken up. It wasn't an easy time for me. As I'm sure you're aware, when it rains it pours, and I was fighting some other battles that had surfaced as well. 

It is odd, the forms that inspiration will come to us. What was intended to be a romantic piece of music, ended up coming to fruition through the pain caused by the end of that romance. And so, with my new found pain and desperate need to move on, I completed "Clarity". I named it this, not because I had reached that point yet, but because I knew deep down that someday I needed to find it. After time passes, it is brilliant to look back at our sorrows and realize how they helped us grow.

Fixed in a world new
Today begins time
Swallow shards of past
Longful nursery rhyme

Cranking strings of steel
Fingertips to keys
Attempt to learn the poor boy
Who's heart could never freeze

Save to memory a Gem
For sparkle it no more
Holds it in his pocket
Fate knows not its store

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